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Quite AF

I know we are in quarantine and amidst of social distancing but you guys/girls are quite as F$ck! Whats going on? How are you spending your time?

Are any of you members of any OnlyFans pages? And if so how is it different, better, worst than the SOB VIP area? What else is on your mind lately?

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  • Jazz

    May 19, 2020

    I’m on Onlyfans. Honestly, if you want to see content from specific models/pornstars its pretty much the place to be. Especially if they do personalized request. Oddly enough I discovered some pretty dope music artists there too. Was surprised to find out it’s used for other things besides sexual entertainment.

    With that said, you guys are pretty much the only place that offers grind dance content. Well I guess youtube does too, but those are mainly club and house party videos. Most of the times those videos have a lot of other stuff going on that can distract from the act. I love that you guys offer that offer grind videos that just focus on the 2 people gettin it in. No strobes lights. No random cuts. No other people on screen being a distraction. I like the way you guys shoot them (especially when the video features a model that allows the dude to be handsy lol).