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No Only Fans Scams Here!

So we recently checked out a few popular #OnlyFans pages of a few girls. And I have totell you I am seriously disappointed. I see why some of these girls are making a killing on there. Its a straight scam! No if or ands about it. You pay to get inside the OnlyFan page and then you are pushed to TIP to get additional content. Without that TIPPING, you get NOTHING!!!!! Yes you heard me right. You just paid $20 plus just to get inside where you must tip more for EACH VIDEO OR PICTURE! OMG! I wish I would have thought of it honestly. I cant blame some of these girls for making that paper. But I honestly cant believe some of you are so willing to open your pockets like that. Is it because you think you have a PERSONAL connection with the girl if you tip? LOL If so you have fell for the scam hook line and sinker.

Comment below on why you choose that business model over getting FULL Access to more girls with ONE low price. Curious to understand your thinking.


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