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Is It Over Yet?

Wow! I just realized how long its been since I posted on this blog. COVID-19 really threw everything off about this year.  Have I posted on this blog this year at all? Ill have to go back and check the dates. Well dont worry its not like we have been sitting around doing nothing. We been working on content and at the end of the day content is what counts. We are coming hard for the rest of the year to get back on track. Yall can keep joining those ONLYFANS pages! Ive heard too many stories about joining and wasting customers money. Most of the time you dont even get a preview of what your getting inside. And most of the time its just SLIGHTLY better than whats on the IG page. :LOL

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P.S. We updated Tia’s photo page. We didn’t realize it was missing two full photo sets. (Come one man yall gotta speak up when you see an issue!)

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