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Final Act??

I started this site way back in summer of 1999. It was conceived of while I was recovering from surgery that summer. At the time I was lucky (slick) enough to come across two brand new cutting age digital cameras. Which at the time were NOT cheap. They aren’t cheap now but multiple that by two and downgrade the quality by 30. Lol.  Its been so much fun owning this business and seeing how far we could take it. I have met an enormous amount of people over the 20+ years in doing this. A good number of which i am still friends with to this day. I’ve seen girls come in as 18/19 year old’s and now have teenage kids themselves now. WOW!.

I say all this to say that this 2021 “COULD” be the Final Act of SOB. Its been great and would love to keep doing it. But sometimes you get that feeling that its time to move on to other projects. Which i have a good number in the works. I started this site in my early 20s. Life has changed and my goals have changed. Whether we get our “Just” place in history or not, we know what we did. We started this site when there was NO other non-nude black women source on the internet. Multiple magazines popped up after us and ended before us. Multiple BIG sites like The Show, SummerBunnies, ModelsNext Door and etc. popped up after us and ENDED before us. I loved all those sites. No shade at all. If this is to be our FINAL ACT year I will expand upon this blog post with a full behind the scenes history of all the dirt and glam of SOB.

In conclusion this brings me to this. IF THIS IS THE FINAL ACT, we are going to open the f$cking flood gates on all the content we have. So ready set here we come………

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  • Jazz

    March 23, 2021

    Been a fan of your sites since 2007/08. Would hate to see it come to an end, but I understand you gotta do whatcha gotta do sometimes. With that said, a brutha been waiting on the long promised Sydnotiq grind video for years. Hope there’s a way that can finally be released & SOB to stay up and running.