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New Video Request??

We are here and we are ready to listen. What SOB Girls are you interested in seeing the most coming up next in our video updates? What types of videos also? Should we do more twerk grind videos? Or would you rather see more behind the scenes stuff?

You opinion counts. Chime in below in the comments.



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Comments: 3

  • Jaz

    December 5, 2018

    I think you guys should release some grind videos that are exclusive to the main site. I remember a while back it being mentioned that new grind videos would be released on the movie store videos first. I think they might actually hurt the mainsite. Let’s be real the grind videos are the most popular thing you guys offer. Why subscribe to the mainsite, when I could just wait for the next grind series video to drop? I think releasing some videos that only appear on the mainsite could give people that just wait for the new DVD release a reason to subscribe monthly.

    As far as models go, I want to see every second of any videos y’all recorded with Sydnotiq lol

      • Jaz

        December 6, 2018

        Cool look forward to it!

        Speaking of older videos. There was a joint on one of your older sites that I swore featured a chick I went to high school with. It wasn’t really a “shoot” like y’all mainly do. It seemed like there was some random outdoor event going on and y’all just recorded some footage. There was a brief moment showing a chick with a phat ass sitting/posing on a motorcycle. I think it was an old classmate of mine lol. Sorry I can’t be more specific. Only had that joint briefly before my old computer crashed and deleted everything on it. All I can remember besides that was that it was at night. Sound familiar to you guys? If you still have that please re-upload it.