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SOB Girls on OnlyFans?

Sometimes you fight the system so much that really you just need to go with the flow. Should the SOB put a lot of our new and original content on #OnlyFans? I may be dumb but it seems like the same thing like VIP access. But maybe OnlyFans is more accessible and easier to access for some. What do you think??


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  • Jazzz

    January 17, 2021

    Honestly seems like that is the way the adult entertainment industry is shifting. Let’s be honest both legit top tier adult film stars, popular strippers and random amateurs are using the platform. Even legit celebs not associated with adult entertainment have gotten in on it. Seems like it wouldn’t hurt to test the OF waters. Especially since you guys still have a solid niche in the grind videos that is not being offered anywhere else. The way OF models tend to appear on others’ OF channels, seems like all you guys would need is to get one or two B level OF models to do grind videos for a potential SOB OF page, and it would help your overall popularity rise.

    You have proven in the past to be very capable of getting some damn fine women to come in to model for your websites over the years. So networking in that regard shouldn’t be a problem. If any of the past models that SOB still has a good relationship with is on OF, I’d suggest doing new content with them first. Then network to other (possibly more popular) models. It’s not like you guys make hardcore porn. In my mind, many of the non-hardcore OF models would be willing to shoot grind/lapdance content. I could be wrong though. Like I said before, it wouldn’t hurt to test it out.